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Grade 3-6 | Basketball skills. Give your class the opportunity to improve on their basketball skills – You don’t need to be the pro yourself as the teacher, you just need to know the core coaching points when starting out (for grades 3-6). Take a look at the fundamental skills with videos below, (part of the ‘ Basketball PE lessons ’ pack) – and teach them in your next gym class when working on basketball.

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Basketball Unit Lesson 3 Grade: 8 Subject: Physical Education Facility: Gymnasium Materials: Basketballs (15) Cones (6) Poly spots (15) Standards: 8.2.1 Understand biomechanical concepts that govern different types of movement. 8.2.2 Understand the relationship between cue words and movement skills.


KELLI MCLARTY PHYS ED UNIT PLAN BASKETBALL Lesson 3 Grade/Subject: 10 P. E Unit: Manipulating an Object Lesson Duration: 80 min SPECIFIC OUTCOMES FROM ALBERTA PROGRAM OF STUDIES LEARNING OBJECTIVES (2-3, clear, and measurable) Students will: DEFENSE/ ZONES ASSESSMENT S

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This is a comprehensive, inclusive basketball unit to be used as part of your physical education program for grades 3 to 5. The unit is in an easy to follow table of 9 lessons with a progression from dribbling, passing, defense, and shooting which all lead up to game situations. There are many adapt


BASKETBALL LESSON 3 2nd-3rd GRADE TRANSITION • Pairs should form groups of 6, 2 basketballs per group. Assist with groupings and equipment. ACTIVITY #2 Keep Away • Within their groups of 6, students should form 2 groups of 3. • Assign two groups of 3 to each quarter of the basketball court.

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3rd Grade: Upon successful completion of this unit, students will be able to: 1. Accurately pass a ball to a partner using the bounce, chest, and overhead pass using proper form. 2. Catch a pass from a partner 85% of the time. 3. Maintain good control of the basketball while running and dribbling 4. Shoot a basketball with an overhand motion. 5.

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This basketball unit is a basic fundamental skill unit for the sport of basketball. This unit was designed for grade 5, and may be adjusted to meet the needs of third grade through high school.This basketball unit consists of nine lessons: Ball Handling, Passing, Dribbling, Shooting, and The Lay-Up. Subjects:

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• Assign 2 teams of 3 to each quarter of the basketball court. • One point for every 3 consecutive passes is awarded. • After 3 consecutive passes, the basketball is placed on the ground for the opposing team to begin. • If a pass is incomplete, the basketball goes to the other team. • Principle of 3's is in effect: − Must defend from 3 feet away. − 3 catches by 3 different people to score a point.

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Building Dribblers – Kids work together to build a structure while working on their basketball dribbling skills. Grades 3-5. Card Sharks Basketball Passing – Practice chest and bounce passes using a deck of cards. Dribbling Beanbag Transfer – This lesson helps teach students how to keep their eyes up when they are dribbling a ball. Grades 6-8