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High School competition, that student is in eligible to participate in junior high school competition. 1.2 Uniforms a) All players must be in appropriate school uniform. b) All players must wear full-length protective shin guards c) All players must wear soccer appropriate footwear. Soccer shoes with alu minum or other metal

Rules — Southern Indiana Junior High Soccer Conference

Here’s the specifics from their website: IIAAA/ISCA/IHSAA Soccer Mercy Rule: Beginning with 2021-22 Soccer Season. • 5 Goal Differential = running clock [1st or 2nd half] • 9 Goal Differential = Game is within 2nd Half – 9goal advantage has been achieved - AND 15 min sub-varsity / 20 min var. time has expired.

The Basic Soccer Rules are as Simple as How To Play Soccer.

Game in play: A s long the ball stays in the field the game is in play. The only exceptions is when the referee blows his whistle for an infraction or offside. The ball is considered in play as long as it is in side the end lines and side lines. Furthermore, it's still in play as long as it has contact with the line.

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High School Soccer Rules & Regulations | SportsRec

NFHS recommends a minimum of 100 by 65 yards for high school fields and 100 by 55 yards for junior high schools. Markings of the penalty area, the goal area, the goal and the touch lines are the same as FIFA's, with the addition of a hash mark along the goal line 11 yards from the corner to indicate where opponents cannot encroach during corner kicks.

Jr High Regulations - NDHSAA

A junior high individual may not participate in more than 90 quarters (Class B) or 45 halves (Class A) and no more than 6 quarters (Class B) or 3 halves (Class A) in any one day.

Timing Rules For Sub-Varsity High School and Junior High Games

Timing Rules For Sub-Varsity High School and Junior High Games (Section XIV, Football Rules, OSSAA Handbook) Starting and Stopping the Clock For Sub-Varsity and Junior High Football Game Article 1 - The clock shall start for a period: a. If a period begins with a free kick when the kick is touched, other than first touching by K. b.

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